Probus gets stables tour

Probus Club of Port Victor at the stables on Canton Road enjoying their ‘Behind the Scene of the Horse Tramway’ tour.
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The Probus Club of Port Victor Combined enjoyed listening to guest speaker Meg Whibley the General Manager of the iconic Victor Harbor Tramway.

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She told of her career path to becoming the General Manager five years ago and recounted anecdotes illustrating the intelligence and distinct personality traits of the various horses rostered to pull the tram.

Her infectious enthusiasm inspired 22 club members to visit the new stables and enjoy the Behind-the-Scenes Experience on Wednesday, April 10.

An interesting feature of the stables is the extensive use of the salvaged old Causeway timbers in the surrounding fences.

After being welcomed in the spacious Conference Room members watched a short video highlighting the main features and history of the tramway which was opened as a tourist attraction in December 1894.

It is the only one of its kind to be operational the whole year.

Members then went to the roomy and light-filled stables to be introduced to the horses and learn something about their foibles, likes and dislikes.

All enjoyed patting their heads and having face to face contact with these magnificent animals.

This was followed by a demonstration of the intricacies of harnessing a horse and Leo stood patiently as each of the many components was attached to his head and body.

When the horse is being actually harnessed to pull the tram, this complicated process can be completed in under nine minutes!

Leo was then led to the outside exercise yard where he went through his paces and showed his admiring audience some of the training exercises.

Back in the conference room members enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea and conversation.

Staff members answered a host of questions about all kinds of aspect of life with the Clydesdales, including discussion of training for offering horse therapy and the mysteries of two-way communication with a horse.

All in all a marvellous and most enjoyable experience.

The Probus Club of Port Victor Combined meets on the first Wednesday of each month.

In May, the club will celebrate its 30th birthday.

For further information contact Renee on 0409 393 961.

New members and visitors are most welcome.

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