Hitch a ride with Rosemary

Rosemary Cadden with her book.
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Rosemary Cadden has worked as a journalist, media adviser and PR consultant with a special interest in environmental issues and history.

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Rosemary has a new book ‘MCMCDOUALL STUART HITCHES A RIDE’ and for sentimental reasons Victor Harbor is the first location for her author tour during SA’s History Festival in May.

She will be at the Victor Harbor Library on Monday, May 6, at 2pm.

Having trained as a journalist is Scotland, her first job on a newspaper in Australia was with the Victor Harbor Times in the early 1980s, where she worked for about four years.

Since arriving in Australia in 1975, history has been a constant thread in her work and projects.

Rosemary wrote and narrated a weekly segment for Adelaide University radio (then 5UV) called ‘100 Years Ago in South Australia’ and was a History Writer for the Advertiser in the 80s.

In 1994 she worked for the Women’s Suffrage Centenary Secretariat; much of that work is available on the State Library of SA website, including the article ‘The Three Waves of Feminism’.

In 2009 she was commissioned to write Building South Australia to mark 125 years of the Master Builders Association in the state.

Chapters include the 1920s story of the Colonel Light Gardens suburb, which is now a State Heritage area and the post-war heyday of the SA Housing Trust.

It was when Rosemary worked for Aboriginal organisations in South Australia and the Northern Territory in the late 1990s that she was drawn to explore the effects of settler colonisation.

This interest had first been sparked when she got an opportunity to travel with a school group from Victor Harbor Primary School to Fregon, an outpost of Ernabella in the APY Lands.

Rosemary is a member of the Australian Society of Authors, the Alliance of Independent Authors and WritersSA.

Her cookbook ‘Making a Meal of It: smart ways to buy, store and use up food’, co-written with Jane Willcox, is published by Wakefield Press.

During South Australia’s 2023 History Festival, her sold-out talk, ‘Fake news is as old as history’ presented examples of misinformation, downright lies and long-lasting myths that she questions in this book.

For more information: Email: rosemarycadden@gmail.com Blog: Along those lines https://alongthoselines15.wordpress.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rosemary.cadden

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