An inspired collection

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Cocco Corporations gallery-inspired showroom in McLaren Flat is open to the public.

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Situated on Ingoldby Road, this location serves as the headquarters for Maine Beach and Trelivings.

Inside, visitors will discover a carefully curated collection of more than 500 perfume and factice bottles, beautifully displayed with sophistication and allure.

The perfume and factice bottle collection of Henry Ninio, Adelaide’s 75th Lord Mayor, once belonged to the renowned Piaf Perfumerie collection, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere is now showcased for public viewing at Cocco Corporation.

Nigel Treliving, Executive Director of Cocco Corporation, began his journey with these artifacts at the age of 15, during his Christmas holidays, while working in the glassware department of David Jones.

It was there that he first encountered the Piaf Perfumes during their tours across Australia, sparking his deep fascination.

Nigel Treliving, now an avid collector, has passionately expanded the collection.

Recently, he added 1950s Art Deco clear glass perfume bottles from Vancouver and Roman Perfume bottles, enhancing the collections historical depth.

When exploring the gallery, it was remarkable to uncover the rich histories associated with the pieces, revealing their past uses and the important roles they once held in past epochs.

Presently, the pieces are grouped according to colour, accompanied with descriptions of their historical era, providing visitors with a clearer understanding of the narratives behind each individual piece.

Visitors exploring the collection will also appreciate the stunning gallery nestled among the vineyards.

Here, they can admire rare tapestries by the late John Olsen and artworks by the indigenous artist known as the ‘Lilly Lady’.

Her artwork, which is also displayed at the National Art Gallery of Australia, have been seamlessly integrated into Maine Beach’s Kakadu Plum collection.

Additionally, the gallery features glass artwork by Tom Moore which has made it’s way home to Cocco Corporation after a four-year tour across Australia with the Jam Factory.

Strolling through the gardens, it was heartening to learn about Cocco Corporations commitment to utilising Australian ingredients in all their products.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore the facility, completed in 2017, and observe firsthand the manufacturing, packaging, and dispatch processes of some of the products.

Cocco Corporation is continuously evolving and the company has plans to further extend the facility into the future, providing visitors with a place to relax and unwind and browse the unique collections and products on display.

If you’re interested in viewing the gallery visit the Cocco Corporation is open at 33c Ingoldby Road, McLaren Flat from Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 3pm.

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